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James Addison

Program Designer


James is a cross-disciplinary designer, educator, and creative leader who has led projects across a variety of contexts and industries, including research on earthquake resilient building systems in India, entrepreneurial education in Mongolia, participatory urban design workshops in the US and Colombia, and research on the role of design and policy to reduce mass incarceration in the US. 
Currently, as a Program Designer at NuVu, James leads the development of NuVuX’s partnership network, developing long-term innovation programs with schools around the world, including schools in Colombia, India, the UK, and across the US. James also led the launch of NuVu’s inaugural European partnership with Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow, Scotland, where he designed and delivered open-ended studio courses where students use the design process to solve complex issues using creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.  
James holds a M.Arch from MIT and a BS in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.